Keto Almond Butter Dark Chocolate Balls

These treats are perfect for low carb dessert or snack. They are totally addicting! You can adjust the type of nut butter and type of chocolate based on nutrition goals and taste preferences. These take only about 15 minutes to prep and 30+ minutes in the freezer. it’s a little easier to work with the nut butter if it is chilled in the fridge beforehand



¾ cup of Almond butter

4 tbsp of Almond flour

¾ cup of Lily’s Dark Chocolate Chips (look for <5 net carbs)

1 tsp Coconut oil

Himalayan Salt to taste


  1. Mix ¾ c of almond butter with 4 tbsp of almond flour (if mixture is too wet add more almond flour

  2. Roll the almond butter mix into small balls (about 1 tsp) and place on baking sheet lined with parchment paper

  3. Place in freezer for 30-40 minutes

  4. Melt lilys chocolate chips and add 1 tsp of coconut oil

  5. Dip the almond butter balls into chocolate mix and place back on backing sheet

  6. Sprinkle with salt to taste

  7. Place in freezer for 10+ minutes or until ready to serve

Nutrition (makes 18 balls) Serving 1 ball: calories 80 kcal, 10 g fat, 7 g carbs, 4 g fiber (3 NET carbs), 4 g protein