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How can I stay motivated?

Nutrition should feel fun! You can get creative with recipes, find workouts you love and (super important —>) want to keep doing. Once you get in some good habits you’ll start to FEEL better and healthier. That feeling is motivating because your body, mind and energy are optimized. 

Ask Abigail Anything!

I’m addicted to sweets. What should I do to curb my sweet tooth?

Sugar is addicting so the more you eat the more you want. 

  1. It’s helpful to make swaps to bring your sugar intake down. If you want candy or cookies during the day - get the passion fruit ice tea from Starbucks (or whatever ice tea). Would an apple or berries do the trick?

  2. You can also tune into your hunger cues. Are you hungry or just bored? You can think about - will a walk help? Would an Apple help? Would a snack with protein or fiber help? Or do you just want a cookie.

  3. Sugar is never off the menu but when it’s all the want you can slowly decrease. Once you make a few changes you’ll have less cravings!