Weight Management

I noticed that a good friend of mine looked great – it turns out that she had lost over 20 pounds by working with Abby. Abby was able to help me lose 13 pounds, and feel better than I have in years. I was already a runner, but could never lose any weight. What is fantastic about working with Abby is not only does she take the time to explain what foods NOT to eat, even more importantly she helped me understand what foods TO eat – ones that tasted good and filled me up, but would help me lose the weight. It has been two and a half years and I still have kept the weight off! I have recommended Abby to so many people. Her approach WORKS!

-J, 54



I had been engaged for over a year while finishing up graduate school and trying to plan a wedding. Between celebrating frequently and stress eating before big exams, by the time it came to my wedding dress fitting I couldn’t zip my dress! Not only did Abby help me slim down to fit into my wedding dress only a few weeks later, but she gave me the nutritional support that put me in the best shape of my life! Abby helped me lean out and lose over 15lb while looking toned and fabulous. She also balanced my diet so that my hair and skin were radiant and glowing for my big day. Abby was so supportive and always available to help me stay on track. She gave me the tools to still be able to go out, eat delicious food and live a great life while losing weight. I felt the best I’ve ever felt while working with Abby! The results from working with her were incredible! Abby is the best!

-T, 31


Keto For Epilepsy

I have two children on a modified ketogenic diet to help better control their epilepsy. My son has lost more than 10lbs on the diet, was always fatigued, and had fallen out of ketosis twice without any reason, that I could find. I needed help! I was desperately seeking guidance of how to tweak their diets and The Charlie Foundation put me in touch with Abigail and I am delighted that they did. This is his last hope before VNS surgery so we really want it to work but I couldn't do it alone. Abigail contacted me and we began working together. I appreciate how she initially just listened and gathered information about my kids. Then we began tweaking a few things. She got reps to send samples of things she wanted us to try. She was available any time I needed her always willing to listen and tweak the diet as needed. I also appreciated how reassuring she was to me. As a mother who prepares all the food that is being used as medicine for your child it is difficult when the diet isn't working. You feel like it is your fault and it is heartbreaking. She has changed our life. After making several changes to the diet we saw my son go from ~8 seizures to 0-1 seizures nightly and we've been able to drastically increase calories and fat in an effort to help him gain weight. My daughter has been able to more than double her fiber intake and has added more foods to her diet. I am so grateful for all of Abigail's help. I would highly recommend Abigail as a dietitian and resource for any family either just starting out on a medical ketogenic diet or a family who has already begun but needs to tweak the diet to yield better results.

-C, kiddos 12 & 8