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My coaching programs are designed to give you 1:1 attention. Your diet can fit your lifestyle while you live your best life! I believe in adding foods to your diet and keeping food fun so you feel balanced and never deprived. My clients are successful because I help support, motivate and teach them the skills to make balanced and healthy choices everyday. Are you ready to make a change and reach your goals?

We can work together in-person or virtually!


Here is what you get each month for 3-6 month programs!:

  • Bi-weekly appointments

  • Weekly e-mail check ins

  • Open email support

  • Custom meal planning with ongoing meal and recipe ideas

  • Learn how to create healthy and balanced meals & snacks

  • Eat out, travel and enjoy the holidays, in a healthy way

  • Optimize your relationship with food and your body

  • Learn how to eat your favorite foods with balance and ditch the guilt and shame

    …. and so much more!


There is no better investment than in your health

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“…Abby was so supportive and always available to help me stay on track. She gave me the tools to still be able to go out, eat delicious food and live a great life while losing weight. I felt the best I’ve ever felt while working with Abby! The results from working with her were incredible! Abby is the best!”

T, 31

“…Abby was able to help me lose 13 pounds, and feel better than I have in years. I was already a runner, but could never lose any weight. What is fantastic about working with Abby is not only does she take the time to explain what foods NOT to eat, even more importantly she helped me understand what foods TO eat – ones that tasted good and filled me up, but would help me lose the weight. It has been two and a half years and I still have kept the weight off! I have recommended Abby to so many people. Her approach WORKS!”

J, 54

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